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New Zealand volcano
New Zealand volcano
New Zealand volcano


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There’s nothing like witnessing the energy of Mother Nature herself as you stand on the crater rim of an active volcano – talk about a Bucket List experience! New Zealand sits squarely on the Pacific Rim of Fire, made up of tectonic plates and volcanic belts that border the Pacific Ocean. As a result, geothermal wonders, volcanoes and hot springs form a major part of our diverse landscapes.

Witnessing some of New Zealand’s most impressive volcanic wonders first hand is a thrilling addition to your New Zealand vacation. Imagine taking off in your private helicopter and flying out over the lakes of Rotorua and across the Pacific Ocean to reach the country’s only permanently active volcano – White Island. After disembarking, soak up the sights, sounds and smells of this lunar landscape with a guided tour from your pilot. See the steaming crater lake, feel the heat of active volcanic vents and admire the colourful remains of the abandoned sulphur mine.

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Taking off from White Island, you’ll fly west over Mount Edgecombe to land on the summit of Mount Tarawera. Revered by local Maori, Mount Tarawera is responsible for one of the largest eruptions in New Zealand’s history. Today, the volcano stands dormant and is home to a number of spectacular craters and domes as well as huge views over the Rotorua region and beyond.

Departing Mount Tarawera, soak up a birds’ eye view of the Waimangu Volcanic Valley – the steaming cliffs and boiling hot lakes look even more spectacular from the air – before heading back to base. This truly unique experience combines a number of the country’s most impressive volcanic wonders and is something you’ll remember for a lifetime.