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The longest continuous living culture in the world
Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Culture – Discover the fascinating culture and way of life of the Aboriginal people, the longest continuous living culture in the world. Time spent with Antipodean’s warm and friendly Aboriginal guides, will be a highlight on every trip, as they share their history, stories and culture, through their connection with the landscape, nature and the arts. You will come away with a deeper and richer appreciation of Australia and the people who live within it.

Australia’s indigenous people, the Aboriginal people, have inhabited Australia, for more than 50,000 years, making them one of the world’s oldest continuous culture.

With our personalised travel experiences, learn directly from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by participating in various cultural activities, including gathering bush food and visits to remote coastal communities.

Food and wine experiences
  • Culinary Experiences: Taste bush tucker and enjoy outback dining infused with the flavours of the Australian bush.
  • Active Adventures: Exhilarating expeditions over land and sea including kayaking, quad biking, hiking and 4WD adventures.
  • Art & Museums: See ancient rock art and galleries, meet the artists or take part in a workshop to understand the meaning behind Aboriginal art. Visit museums that showcase the diversity of Aboriginal Australia.
  • Immersive Journeys: Go off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the world’s oldest living cultures and gain an understanding of Aboriginal spirituality and connection to country.
  • Nature & Wildlife: View special places through different eyes and enjoy breathtaking scenery and great fishing!
  • Bush & Outback: Enriching ways to discover Australia’s famous outback.