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Antipodean Luxury Travel are creators of wonder filled luxury holidays in New Zealand, Australia, and The South Pacific.

Our local experts design holidays and vacations uniquely matched to the interests of each member of your travelling party.

We specialise in planning and managing luxury family holidays, private escorted tours, soft adventure, and high-end luxury trips for couples.

Enjoy amazing lifestyle concierge services and Black Book exclusives when you travel with us, to ensure that your holiday and adventures are truly spectacular.

As luxury travel connoisseurs, we've been recognised as one of Travel+Leisure Magazine's A-List Top Travel Advisors for 2019/2020.
made especially for YOU
We create extraordinary holidays. Get inspired by our favourite itineraries and then brief a local expert. Let us create a dream holiday made especially for you.


New Zealand's infinite possibilities for exploration and adventure are as breathtaking as they are exhilarating. Pristine nature, wild beauty, stunning mountains, crystal-clear rivers, rugged coastlines, majestic fiords, and surrounded by oceans with abundant wildlife.

Antipodean Luxury Travel has UNESCO helicopter landing rights to exclusive areas as well as private property access to some of the most untouched and exquisite places, so you can experience amazing adventure and nature activities like never before. Experience New Zealand with Antipodean Luxury Travel and enjoy the most extraordinary holidays.
From its Red Centre and mystic Uluru, Australia’s ancient landscapes give way to immaculate gorges, Earth’s oldest tropical rainforest, endless coastlines dotted with stunning islands, glittering harbours, and sun-drenched beaches. Its cosmopolitan cities are brimming with a diverse array of contemporary restaurants serving delicious, modern cuisine.

Antipodean Luxury Travel has an established network of trusted hosts in Australia to provide private tours and exemplary lifestyle concierge services, so you can experience unparalleled luxury travel.
Sprinkled throughout the South Pacific, islands of paradise beckon. Every imaginable leisure and pleasure to soak up. Fiji’s beautiful beaches and candy coloured reefs. Spellbinding Tahitian treasures with luxe French flair.

Tonga’s tropical beaches and underwater wonders. Whether you want to go deep sea fishing, diving, or just snorkel around your private beach and laze about, the endless possibilities for fun in the sun are...endlessly amazing.
Days last longer as you voyage closer to Antarctica. Everything’s alive in wondrous flow. Playful seals, gliding albatrosses and whale spouts guide you to the searing white edge of the world. Step onto the ice and explore pristine nature. Observe Emperor Penguins. Go cross country skiing. Fly above it and take in the majestic terrain. Experience fine dining in the world’s coolest restaurant, literally. Incomparable extreme beauty.
As luxury travel connoisseurs with a flair for the extraordinary, our lifestyle concierge services and Black Book exclusives are designed to create spectacular luxury holidays and adventures.


Our Process for creating your perfect holiday:

1. Your Holiday Brief
We start by taking your Travel Brief by video chat or phone call to define the ideal holiday and activities matched to the interests and ages of each traveller, destinations and key travel dates.

2. Your Curated Luxury Holiday
We build a a detailed itinerary, including tailored experiences, ideal accommodation, and recommended budget. We collaborate with you, refine all the booking details until it’s perfect, approved and Voilà! Holiday booked.

3. Become Wonder Filled
Our trusted guides and hosts make travelling immersive and joyful, so you can focus on being wonder filled by the sites, scenery, and memorable experiences.

4. Post-Trip Memories
One of the greatest ways to cherish and share your holiday memories and highlights is with outstanding imagery and photos. Let us help craft your holiday story with our Professional Photography services.

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