Enquiry Questions

1. How many people are travelling?

2. What ages are the people?

3. When do you want to go (do you have flights booked or can we arrange this for you)?

4. How long would you like to travel for?

5. Is there a special occasion – honeymoon, proposal, someone’s birthday, an anniversary?

6. Are there any particular regions you especially want to visit?

7. What are you interested in experiencing on your trip?

Maori Culture, Food and Wine, Glaciers, Golfing, Photography, Cycling, Fishing, Gliding, Stargazing, Whale Watching, Swimming with Dolphins, Things for the Kids, Wellness.

8. What level of accommodation would you prefer? Luxury Lodges ($$$$), Self-contained villas ($$$), Boutique hotels ($$$), PurePods ($$), Glamping ($$).

9. What is your budget per day for all travellers, except international airfares. For luxury travel we recommend from $1000 per person per day for luxury lodges, helicopter trips and daily group activities. Family holidays should budget from $1000 per day for B&B accommodation and activities such as jet boating or cultural activities. For Camper-vans, budget from $700 per day.

The NZD is roughly the same but a little stronger than the SGD.

10. What are your contact details and when’s the best time to call you?