Unforgettable Experiences – The Lost World of Waitomo

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Unforgettable Experiences – The Lost World of Waitomo

No holiday to New Zealand is complete without a little adrenalin-pumping adventure. And this courageous little country serves up loads of
thrill-seeking travel activities to choose from…
Let’s take a look at one of the most epic: the underground caves of Waitomo.


The Lucie Strike cave in Waitomo. Image via Absolute Adventure

Maori tribes first discovered the labyrinth-like cave system of Waitomo (meaning the place where the water enters the earth) over 500 years ago, but they are over 30 million years old. This is a very sacred placed, steeped in myth and legend.

Today, you have the chance to explore this spectacular subterranean world, with its’ magnificent glow worms, churning black water rapids, pristine crystal formations and underground waterfalls.

World Famous Glow Worm Caves

David Attenborough described the Waitomo glow worms as as “one of nature’s most magical illuminations.” To see this marvel of mother nature yourself, you’ll board a boat ride, where you silently glide along an ancient underground river… to witness the spectacular galaxy of tiny living lights that are thousands upon thousands of glow worms.


Photography courtesy of Tourism New Zealand – by Corin Walker Bain

New-Zealand-Waitomo-Caves Spellbinding image by photographer Shaun Jeffers

Lost World Abseiling

Rappel 330 feet down into the Lost World abyss – that’s taller than the Statue of Liberty! Any fear you feel will be quickly overcome by excitement as you get harnessed in for the abseiling adventure of your life. The other-worldly stillness and awe-inspiring natural beauty of this massive, prehistoric cavern will be imprinted onto your memory forever. This is a New Zealand must-do.



Black Water Rafting

Abseil, weave, jump, climb, and float through a subterranean wonderland, with only the torch on your helmet and the illumination of glow worms to light your way!

Black Water Rafting is a roller coaster ride that follows underground rivers and waterfalls, letting the water carry you through tunnels that have been created over millions of years. Group sizes are small, and you’ll be expertly looked after by some of the world’s best adventure guides.


Image courtesy of Tourism New Zealand, by Corin Walker Bain



Imagery via The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co

Challenging yourself, stretching beyond your comfort zone and getting the blood pumping will make you feel truly alive.

Contact us to create and curate a luxury New Zealand holiday for you and your family, and ask us to include a once-in-a-lifetime adventure along the way…